Sports Meet for Women

Many research studies have shown that rural women in Haryana usually work between 16-18 hours a day on various household chores and farm activities. The adolescent girls also have their fair share of contribution during the day. Moreover, within the patriarchal structure very little emphasis is given on women’s leisure and recreational activities. It may be argued further that there are hardly any opportunities available in the rural settings for their leisure.

As far as sports activities are concerned apart from new opportunities available at schools/colleges, rural women are hardly exposed. Sports not only helps in physical and emotional development of an individual but also provides opportunities to unwind and relax. Therefore, it is decided to hold Annual Sports Meet at Block level every year. The purpose of the scheme is two folds: firstly to mobilize women in large number and secondly to create awareness among them on women & child related issues through Sports meet

• The sports meet for women is organized at block level by the CDPO with the help of other departments like Sports, Education etc. For holding block level sports meet a sum of Rs. 10,000 is provided to each block. CDPO is responsible for selection of place and other necessary arrangements.

• To create awareness and mobilize women following events are included :-

For women above 30 years

(i) Potato Race

(ii) Chatty Race

(iii) 100 Meter Run

For girls / women up to 30 years/ below 30years

(i) 300 meter race

(ii) 400 meter race

(iii) 5 Km. Cycling race

• For each event prizes of Rs. 500/-,Rs. 300/- and Rs. 200/- are given to the Ist, IInd and IIIrd person respectively at block level and Rs.1000/-, Rs.750/- and Rs.500/- are given to the Ist, IInd and IIIrd person respectively at District level.

• The sports meet is organized every year during the month of January/February.

• Publicity of the meet is done at village level in the month of November onwards through Munayadi/posters etc. by the AWWs through Panchayats and core committees for maximum community participation.

• All women and girls of age 17 years and above in every village are eligible to participate.

• Anganwadi Worker prepares list of interested participants and hand it over to the supervisors. The Supervisors submit event/race wise compiled list to CDPO.

• To ensure the coverage of all the villages, it is made mendatory to have atleast one participant from each village.

• The participants arrives at the place of event on their own.